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I have always drawn and painted, but it was only when I reached 50 that I found the time to spend refining my skills. From 2000 to the present I have done many artist retreats and some workshops.  I have unexpectedly learned that I love painting outside in the landscape that inspires me.

I don't paint what I see, but what I feel, I hear, I scent,, absorbing the place using all my senses. These plein air paintings are used by tearing and/or repainting to form the composition of the sketch, then they are put away and I paint from memory.

By being intensely 'in the place'  present and mindful, the moment stays with me.




'Picture of the artist as a

blind contour drawing'


Glaisdale plein air 2019.jpg

Glaisdale-I'm a very messy painter

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